This is Molecular Hydrogen

It exists as a gas and it’s considered to be the Perfect Antioxidant. Why’s it so great? There are 4 Main Reasons why…


Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is the smallest molecule in existence. Making it smaller than ALL other antioxidants. This allows Hydrogen to travel freely throughout your body to protect you from free radicals quickly.


Hydrogen targets ONLY the harmful free radicals. Avoiding the ones that are used by your cells for communication. Other antioxidants eliminate ALL free radicals, which can lead to an imbalance in your cells.


Hydrogen is completely safe. Any excess can float out of your body without causing any build-up or overdose. Very useful feature in an antioxidant, especially when you want to take an extra dose after a stressful day.


Hydrogen is able to eliminate free radicals by itself and boost the natural antioxidant defense system inside your cells. The synergy created provides you with complete protection from harmful free radicals throughout the day.



Have you heard of the “Miracle Waters” around the world. Legends say these waters can heal any illness. Researchers found that all of the miracle waters around the world have one thing in common. What’s the “SECRET” that gives them magical healing powers?



Free radicals are the enemy. Harmful substances like smog can increase free radical production inside your cells. They ravage your cells and cause all kinds of health problems over time. Know your enemy to overcome them.



Molecular Hydrogen is the Perfect Antioxidant. The Ultimate Hero that will destroy the free radicals that are wreaking havoc inside your cells. There are 4 main reasons why Molecular Hydrogen is the absolute best antioxidant.



More than 350 research studies have shown the power of Molecular Hydrogen for improving human health. There a wide variety of applications for Molecular Hydrogen due to its versatility as an antioxidant. Check out some of the studies here.



The Health Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen is unique for each individual because free radicals affect each person differently. Here are some of the benefits you can expect by incorporating Molecular Hydrogen into your life.

This is PRIMOH2

It generates Molecular Hydrogen inside your body. That’s why we called it, the PERFECT ANTIOXIDANT FORMULA.


Why wait for a water device or tablet to infuse Molecular Hydrogen in your water when you can just take a capsule of PRIMOH2 and get started on your day? Plus, you don’t have to drink lots of water all at once! The convenience factor is huge.


Get a POTENT dose of Molecular hydrogen with every capsule (1.6 ppm per 500ml of water!). Research shows Molecular Hydrogen is effective at doses beginning at just 0.04 ppm. PRIMOH2 provides 40 TIMES that amount.


From giving a natural energy boost, getting better sleep at night to enhancing sports performance, PRIMOH2 lets you enjoy all the perks of a body that’s in balance. Each person experiences slightly different benefits depending on how free radicals affect them.


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